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Salon Documation - Paris, March 19, 2019

BCSolutions announces eas'Invoice, a solution for tax compliant dematerialization of invoices in pay-per-use mode for all companies.

eas'Invoice enables companies of all sizes to centralize, customize and control their invoice dematerialization scenarios in full tax compliance.

BCSolutions, expert in dematerialization, announces eas'Invoice, a solution allowing qualified signature and archiving with probative value of PDF invoices issued by the company. The services offered by the solution guarantee tax compliance and legal monitoring in more than 50 countries through the partnership with Sovos TrustWeaver.

BCSolutions innovates with a hybrid model by proposing an on-site solution coupled with a consumption-based pricing. This modular solution adapts to the company's invoicing processes and allows the invoice to be transmitted via different communication channels.

Non-intrusive, eas'Invoice integrates easily with the company's business applications, as Nathalie Beaucher, Administrative and Financial Director at Pillivuyt, explains: "In less than a month, we were able to integrate the eas'Invoice solution with our OpenText StreamServe invoice management system. The proposed operation and pay-per-use model is perfectly suited to our needs for processing approximately 10,000 invoices per year. »

The solution is also designed to process large volumes of invoices, as Damien Coutant, Director of Information Systems of the Qérys Group, explains: "By implementing eas'Invoice, we have secured our invoicing process. The solution respects the time constraints to manage our monthly batches of 35,000 invoices from our Infor M3 ERP. » 

Olivier Lequeux, Head of the BCSolutions Development Division, adds: "With eas'Invoice, we decided to take up several challenges. The solution must be able to address all invoicing scenarios (Factur-X, Chorus Pro, etc.), offer complete traceability of the processing and provide complete reporting of the invoicing process. These services must be accessible to all types of businesses, large or small.

The key points of the solution: 

For more information: https: //bcsolutions.fr/easinvoice/

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