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Automated notifications are a powerful business communication tool with a wide variety of strategic applications. Today, the issue is how to make the best use of the different options (SMS, voicemail, emailfax) without overwhelming customers with too many communications.

OpenText™ Notifications is a SaaS platform for establishing a unified and secure communication strategy. It allows you to build relationships with your customers, reduce inbound call volume, increase sales, conduct surveys.

The offer is based on a multi-channel solution (SMS, voice mail, e-mail and fax) with functionalities for : 

  • Manage all notification media from a secure web portal.
  • Send notifications from any web browser.
  • Use APIs to integrate it with your business applications.
  • Automatically send personalised notifications.
  • Industrialising the distribution of contextualised messages.
  • Benefit from a transaction-based pricing model.

Functional Process: Automate the customised sending of notifications in multi-channel mode

Some key figures

Unitary traceability with reliable audit trail
0 %
Economically superior to paper flow
0 %
Customers worldwide are users*.

* All fields combined: Total, Europcar, Malakoff Mederic, Société Générale, Danone, Fnac-Darty, etc.


  • Manage notification media anywhere in the world and in any language from an easy-to-use web portal or API.

  • Streamline your messaging with automated solutions.

  • Improve the customer experience by sending messages in the time frame and format they prefer.

  • Eliminate late payments and customer service issues that hurt the bottom line.

Customer references

  • Total

  • Europcar

  • Malakoff Mederic

  • Société Générale

  • Danone

  • Fnac-Darty

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