Capture, identify and process your incoming datas

OpenText™ | Intelligent Capture

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture is an intelligent process automation (IPA) platform used to scan, index and extract data from high volumes of documents in a variety of formats.

The solution combines powerful capture technologies through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine enriched with automatic document reading (ADR) and automatic document recognition (ADR) functionalities; machine-learning algorithms and real-time data matching capabilities with existing business applications that will allow optimal reliability of incoming data to your organisation. In terms of experience, the validation client is available from an intuitive, multi-media (HTML5), web-based (HTTPS) interface.

As such, the solution will support the classification, retrieval, indexing and validation of data and documents with ease for business users. 

Intelligent Scheme Capture

Once the video coding has been carried out, the extracted data will be ingested by market applications such as ERP, CRM, ECM, ECM, BPM in order to be fully exploited by the businesses in their context.

Platform available in on-premise or SaaS mode under the Core Capturelicense.

Automate your business processes and control your enterprise data


Incoming data comes from several receiving channels such as: postal mail, email, shared folders, web portals, web services, FTP(s), chatbots, twitter and others. 


Data and documents will be interpreted so that they can be identified, classified and extracted according to their nature to facilitate processing.


The data recognised by machine-learning is reconciled with existing databases in real time, thus facilitating the automation and reliability of the data.


Video coding follows an intelligent workflow through a validation process according to business users.


All of the reliable data will be ingested by third-party applications: ERP, ECM, ECM, BPM, BI and others.


The data will be consumed and exploited by the users according to the business context.

OpenText™ Intelligent Capture and its tools to manage data


  • Anywhere, Anytime and Any-device real time usage.

  • Centralization of the capture with security by partitioning.

  • Make data more reliable and automate business processes.

  • Reduce the risks associated with manual entry.

  • Improve data quality and enrich it with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

  • Accelerate and make treatment processes more fluid.

  • Saves time for business services with end customers.

Customer feedback

  • Helping to create new customer bank accounts improving the experience (Banking).

  • Dematerialisation of supplier invoices for the French government platform with a flow of more than 7 million invoices processed (Government).

  • ROI: $500,000 savings for the HR and Finance departments in less than 3 years (University).

  • We have significantly accelerated the application process from one week to two days.

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