Improving your Demat' environments

Audits of your solutions or your publishing chain

Two types of audits can be performed

Thanks to our experience with OpenText solutions and our knowledge of all StreamServe/Exstream versions, we are able to realize for our customers :


Technical audits on a specific topic or context.


Complete audits of the publishing chain.

Technical Audits

The objective of technical audits is to respond to the observed problems of a current situation and to define a corrective action plan.

Following an initial workshop, during which the necessary information is retrieved, most of the work is done independently by analyzing the server(s) of the solution.

Examples of technical audits :

  • Analysis in view of a migration: allows the definition of the prerequisites, the project stages and the budget for the migration of the solution.

  • Good server health: ensures that the environment is healthy, properly operated, and prevents potential major risks.

  • Audit following problems encountered: in order to find the origin of malfunctions, solve them, and implement preventive actions to avoid their recurrence.

Complete audits of the publishing chain

Audits of the publishing chain generally aim to make an exhaustive inventory of the solution and to identify its strengths and potential risks.

Our methodology is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Information gathering (analysis of servers and interviews with interlocutors).
  • Phase 2: Compilation of the collected information and report writing.
  • Phase 3: Defense and validation of the audit report.

These audits are generally structured around 5 major areas:

  • Infrastructure and its operation.
  • The performance.
  • Security.
  • The development procedures (state of the art).
  • The use of the functionalities of the solution.

Examples of graphs produced during a full audit

Synthesis of the points requiring correction or improvement. 

Scoring of the different analysis axes

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