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Finding information easily is critical to business productivity. OpenText™ eDOCS Document Management (DM) / Cloud Edition (CE) is an enterprise-wide, integrated document management system that maximizes operational efficiency, eliminates redundant tasks and accelerates the location of knowledge.

OpenText™ eDOCS DM is an ultra-flexible ECM fully integrated with the Windows environment and Microsoft Office applications making it easy to use without impacting on users' workflow. 

ECM Fully modular, OpenText™ eDOCS DM offers optional add-ons designed to address a wide range of business issues in the areas of inbound document capture, automatic retrieval and archiving of incoming emails at ECM, provision of decision-making reports, etc.

Capture, search and manage your content in collaborative mode.


Scanning and capture supports a wide range of document retrieval scenarios across business applications.


Content classification enables the definition of business information views based on taxonomies.


Flexible, high-performance index categorization enables content enrichment with structured and customized data for reliable content retrieval.


A powerful indexing engine allows you to carry out "Full Text" and keyword searches on all the documents in the ECM.


DoD certified, eDOCS DM / CE ensures official and consistent content control and enforcement of document lifecycle management rules.


Definition of several destruction schemes with automatic calculation of dates for files and archives.

ECMMulti-support and ergonomic for nomadic use



Customisable widgets

Customizable widgets

InfoCenter Mobile


  • Streamlining enterprise content management.

  • Implementation of consistent information governance.

  • Reduction of legal risks and content ISO 15489, ISO 27001, ISO 23081 costs.

  • Centralisation de l’ensemble des informations et données contenues dans des applicatifs métiers <b>:</b> SAP®, Salesforce®, Microsoft Office®, Oracle®, Microsoft Outlook®, etc…

  • Reduced physical storage requirements and associated costs.

  • Manual and tedious steps eliminated to enhance the processing of important tasks.

  • Facilitated collaboration between employees.

Customer feedback

  • Increased process efficiency.

  • Team productivity.

  • Compliance with regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Increased efficiency and thus competitiveness within the organization.

  • Fluidity of information and reactivity allowing to acquire new customers and to better retain existing ones.

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