Customer Communications Management - Output Management

OpenText | Exstream Platform & StreamServe

OpenText Exstream Platform is the output management and client communications management platform combining the best of Exstream Classic and StreamServe solutions.

The OpenText Exstream Platform is designed to simplify the chain of document creation, modification and distribution.
The OpenText Exstream Platform also contributes to customer loyalty by meeting 3 major needs:

  • Creation of documents conveying the company's image.
  • Personalization of the documents according to the recipient customer.
  • Sending the document on the media chosen by the customer.

The OpenText Exstream Platform formats and distributes all business documents in a user-friendly and automated manner.
The solution covers a very wide functional spectrum:

  • Document formatting, customization according to the data.
  • Post-processing, letter assembling and postal optimization.
  • Distribution of the document on the right destination media (printers, fax server, email, SMS, web server, ...).
  • Archiving.

Increase customer engagement and boost your brand image

Benefits of the solution

Increased profitability

Improved customer experience

The solution significantly enhances the customer experience, therefore, it increases customer loyalty.

Risk reduction

Creation of communications that comply with and are faithful to the company's graphic charter.

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