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OpenText | Content Suite

OpenText Content Server provides a powerful and comprehensive collaborative workspace that helps your organization retain its memory over time.

The great strength of this solution lies in the management of several dedicated, easily usable and ergonomic spaces.

These different spaces such as the project, company and personal spaces allow you to facilitate the work of your collaborators, to exchange and navigate between spaces.

This platform reduces the risks and costs associated with document management and allow you tosave time on your daily tasks while meeting your company's regulatory and security policies.

Available on any type of interface, it makes work more pleasant and accessible from any location.

OpenText Content Suite is an EDM that allows :

Document Storage

Information exchange and sharing

Sort, classify and arrange

Real time information update

Manage work processes

Index documents and find them quickly

Archive your informations


  • Store and file business documents.

  • Search for data and documents via a simple and powerful search engine.

  • Collaborate on the creation and publication of documents.

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of the document to archiving and destruction.

  • Manage communities and project teams.

  • Write Blog posts, Wikis, and participate in forums and polls.


  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing to improve business agility.

  • Reduction of working time and risks associated with document management.

  • Compliance with regulations and data security.

  • Real time update of your content.

  • Management and management of your archive, requiring little intervention on your part.

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