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SAP | Extended ECM by OpenText

Information governance is at the heart of business issues where different departments have to juggle several business solutions such as ERP, CRM and CMS without the content being centralized and shared. This results in wasted time searching, classifying, versioning or even electronically sharing documents internally and externally. OpenText™ Extended ECM is a single platform capable of serving different services whose logic is to group together the set of documents and business rules useful to their contexts while ensuring the life cycle of the information. 

Centralize the information and content of your business applications in a single place.

OpenText™ Extended ECM is an extended platform that is fully integrated with environments such as SAP® (Hybris Cloud, C4C, Success Factors, ECC and S4/Hana), Salesforce®, Oracle e-Business Suite®, Microsoft® making it easy to use without impacting user operations.  

In a transparent manner, OpenText™ Extended ECM brings together a set of information acting as a document hub where users of different services access their specific homepage and business-related data. The user accesses his connected workspace in a web environment with access, sharing, searching, archiving, sending and editing of documents with social network features allowing collaborative work.  

As a result, OpenText™ Extended ECM enables you to leverage your investment in your business applications and accelerate business processes without impacting the way all your users operate.

A document hub structuring corporate information at all levels


  • Concentrate all the information and data contained in business applications: SAP®, Salesforces®, SharePoint®, Microsoft Office®, Microsoft Dynamics® Oracle®, etc.

  • Streamline and optimize business content management in a single location.

  • Establish consistent information governance in the company.

  • Improving the capitalisation of knowledge for better productivity.

  • Compliance with the regulations in force concerning the GDGR.

  • Reduce the legal risks and costs associated with all your content: ISO 15 489 | ISO 27 001 | ISO 23 081.

  • Reduce physical storage requirements and associated costs.

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