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Documents management is very evolutionary: companies must constantly respond to changes or simply adapt to market standards.

In this context, CIOs regularly receive requests for changes with a view to implementing them more and more quickly.

With this in mind, we have chosen to offer you the most flexible assistance model possible.

We respond to your needs for assistance, whether one-off or regular (in the form of TPAM for example), at your premises or at our Service Centres.

Our support services

You can request our support services for any type of need:



Set up

Integration of the solutions in your environment


Focus on the TPAM

The number, complexity and heterogeneity of applications within the IS make their maintenance difficult for internal teams.

Moreover, these activities are very time-consuming and not really rewarding.

In order to refocus the activity of IT teams on the business and user satisfaction, many CIOs outsource their applications maintenance.

We will be your sole contact from the moment your request is taken into account to the answer you receive.

We implement for our customers all the material and human means to deliver a fast and quality service.

Entrust your applications to experts!

Our support in detail

We offer our customers an extremely flexible mode of operation based on the principle of open ordering of services. The customer uses the envelope of days ordered as he wishes throughout the year, no penalty is applied if he does not consume it entirely.

We offer a very fine level of granularity, up to the quarter-hour!

We have set up an organisation within our services teams that meets your needs as closely as possible:

  • Access to our teams of consultants for your on-site assistance requests.

  • Centralization of your requests via our Service Centers for your remote assistance requests.

BCSolutions supports you !

With our expertise and project experience, we can help you set up your project.

From analysis to deployment, we will take care of all phases of your project.

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