Inbound dematerialization

Dematerialization of incoming mail, what are the stakes?

At a time when everything is digital, exchanges are multiplying and the advent of a back office to support customer relations, the dematerialization of exchanges and their integration into an open and efficient information system is an essential priority synonymous with performance for companies. 

In this context, it is becoming clear that the dematerialization of heterogeneous incoming mail flows (invoices, orders, contracts, forms, supporting documents, etc.) is an important factor that has been growing strongly in recent years. Especially for a considerable volume.

Generally speaking, the growing complexity of operations, regulatory changes and the need to optimise customer relationship management are encouraging the dematerialisation of incoming mail flows. This development also makes it possible to improve traceability and better prevent risks and fraud.

Our Expertise

Based on these observations and to support its customers in this transformation, BCSolutions has developed in 2006 its own dematerialization solution, LAD Manager, allowing its CI Construction customers in several regions to automate the processing of forms and checks.

This experience as a solution editor in this field has allowed us to develop a strong expertise within our team of consultants.

Since 2010, and the partnership with OpenText, we have been leveraging this expertise by using OpenText's capture technologies (OCR, RAD/LAD), in particular OpenText Capture Center, for all of our customers' projects involving the dematerialization of supplier invoices, customer orders, and other documents. As well as the SAP Vendor Invoice Management by OpenText solution.

When it comes to the dematerialization of incoming documents, the supplier invoice is often the first document to be processed. Our experts will support you in your supplier invoice dematerialization project, particularly in SAP and INFOR environments.

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