Capture, identify and process your incoming datas

OpenText | Capture Center

Automate your business processes and control your enterprise data

Productivity gains, reduced operational costs and data quality are the core issues of any business. OpenText™ Capture Center enables automatic data extraction and classification using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) and IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition) technologies. This solution integrates powerful ADR (Automatic Document Reading/Automatic Document Recognition) and self-learning engines allowing the validation of all types of structured, semi-structured or free professional documents.

Integrated with business applications, the solution is able to receive incoming documents from numerous origins (mailboxes, scanners, faxes, portals, EDM, Microsoft SharePoint® and FTP flows) and allows you to merge the datas extracted from your reference in order to free you from any manual intervention. The data is transmitted in XML format for processing in your business applications, the PDF document can be archived in your archive space.

OpenText™ Capture Center is available on-premise, full web and in multiple languages. Your data is secure and business users benefit from a user-friendly solution.

Automate your business processes and control your enterprise data


Users receive letters or bundles of documents to be scanned from their customers. Scanned documents are retrieved from directory(s).


The documents to be processed may come from several digital origins such as e-mails, portals, streams, a storage system or even an EDM.


Documents are retrieved and processed for video encoding. Data and documents are transformed into XML and PDF formats.


During export, document data can be processed by business applications such as ERP software and accounting tools.


During export, the documents processed and transformed into PDF are archived in an EDM with the content data to facilitate searches in Full Text mode.

OpenText™ Capture Center and its tools to manage the activity

Scan function in web mode

The validation client

Monitoring tool


  • Reliable and automated business processes.

  • Reduce the risks and costs associated with manual entry.

  • Centralize the recovery and enrichment of incoming data.

  • Improve data quality and enable better business visibility.

  • Accelerate and make treatment processes more fluid.

  • To be more competitive by enhancing the responsiveness of services to end customers.

Use cases :

  • Management of letters of indemnity (Bank).

  • Management of real estate agency documents with archiving in EDM (Real Estate).

  • Dematerialization of 175,000 invoices (Education).

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