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As a major project for the modernization of the State, Chorus Pro enables companies to reduce their administrative burden, focus on their core business and become more competitive.

Expected benefits :

  • Fluidification and security of exchanges.
  • Improved invoice tracking.
  • Reduction of disputes and payment delays.
  • Reduced invoice processing costs for companies and the state.
  • Reduction of carbon footprint.

Order No. 2014-697 of 26 June 2014 relating to the development of electronic invoicing thus obliges :

  • Businesses to send their invoices in electronic form to the public administration.
  • Public institutions to accept invoices sent in electronic form.

To this end, the Agence pour l’Informatique Financière de l’Etat (AIFE) has made available an invoicing portal called Chorus Pro.

Compliance with these regulations is proposed according to a progressive schedule depending on the size of your company.

Our unique and modular Chorus solution offers :

  • Our Chorus solution, unique and modular, offers: to Suppliers (private or public) of the public sphere, the transmission of their invoices to the Chorus Pro portal,
  • and to the clients (public entities), the receipt of these invoices through the Chorus Pro portal.

It is based on OpenText technologies :

  • StreamServe: invoice dematerialization solution,
  • Chorus Pack: connection module to the Chorus Pro portal.

This module allows you to automatically post invoices and additional documents for your public customers on the Chorus Pro portal.

Sending is done without third party teletransmission, and via the AIFE exchange services.

It provides the legible image of the invoice (PDF) and the associated structured data (in XML Chorus: UBL format).

Updates to the processing status of the invoice allow the tracking of its life cycle (from dispatch to payment).

The solution was implemented in September 2016 by the Office National des Forêts (ONF), which uses it for both the Supplier (Issuer) and the Buyer (Recipient).

Who is this solution for?

The StreamServe Chorus Pack solution is for :

  • Companies (private or public) interested in setting up a complete electronic invoicing solution for the public sphere.
  • Companies (public or private) already using StreamServe.
  • SAP customers who use "SAP Document Presentment".
  • Public Entities wishing to accept and issue dematerialised invoices to comply with legislation (obligation since 1 January 2017).

Two possible scenarios:

  • If you are already a StreamServe user, you only need to add the "StreamServe Chorus Pack" module to your environment. This way, you capitalize on a solution that is already in place and on skills that you have mastered.

  • If you are an SAP customer using "SAP Document Presentment by OpenText", the add-on module to install is "Chorus Provider for Document Presentment". This module has the same functional and technical characteristics as StreamServe Chorus Pack.

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