BCSolutions sponsor of Ladies Rolling

4L Trophy 2020

BCSolutions sponsors the crew n°0139 at the 4L Trophy 2020 named the "Ladies Rolling"! 

The 4L Trophy is the largest Humanitarian Raid of Europe, open to young people between the ages of 18 and 28. It will take place from February 20 to February 1er March 2020The project will take about ten days, over a 6,000 km route across a large part of France, Spain and the Moroccan desert. All of it aboard the mythical and friendly 4L!

The main objective of this trip is to reach Marrakech to to provide school and sports supplies to the most deprived children in Morocco. Once on site, these will be redistributed by theassociation "Enfants du Désert" (Children of the Desert).

This event also allows young students to bring back 10 kg of food thanks to the partnership with the Red Cross.

Discover their adventures live from 20 February 2020 on https://www.4ltrophy.com/course-en-direct/

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