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Aix-en-Provence, 17 February 2022

BCSolutions joins the UGAP catalogue via the SCC multi-publisher market

BCSolutionsthe publisher of the electronic invoicing solution eas'InvoiceBCSolutions, editor of the electronic invoicing solution, joins the catalogue of the UGAP, the leading generalist buying group in France via the SCC multi-publisher market.

BCSolutions innovates by offering its eas'Invoice electronic invoicing solution to public sector entities in the form of a subscription in on-premise or hosted mode.

eas'Invoice already enables issuing entities to switch to electronic invoicing with all their commercial partners, whether private or public, thanks to complete and scalable functional coverage (electronic signature, archiving with probative value, multi-channel communication and interface with the Chorus Pro portal).
Receiving entities will also be able to automate the reception and simplify the processing and monitoring of their invoices on the Chorus Pro portal, from June, thanks to an eas'Invoice module entirely dedicated to this use.

"With eas'Invoice, we are already providing the opportunity for many companies to move to electronic invoicing effortlessly and in full compliance. The success of the solution is largely due to its micro-services architecture, which allows for rapid and total integration with our customers' invoicing flows. As a player in the dematerialisation of invoices and convinced of its virtues for companies, BCSolutions, now a member of the FNFE (Forum National de la Facturation Electronique), focuses its developments on new standards, such as Factur-X. We have done everything possible to ensure that eas'Invoice meets the requirements of the 2024 electronic invoicing standard as soon as possible. Declares Gilles Garcia, Sales Director, founder of BCSolutions.

The key points of the solution: 

About BCSolutions :

BCSolutions has been helping companies with their dematerialisation and document management projects since 2003. Thanks to its partnerships with OpenText and Sovos, BCSolutions offers solutions such as electronic invoicing, document dematerialisation, content management and Output Managament. BCSolutions is also the publisher of eas'Invoice, an electronic invoicing solution. These solutions improve the customer experience. They reduce costs and document processing time. Companies thus accelerate their digital transformation and contribute positively to environmental protection. Some of the 150 customers who trust the company on https://bcsolutions.fr/business-case/.

About UGAP :

UGAP, a national generalist public procurement agency, is a central player in public procurement, whose overall activity will now amount to more than €5.6 billion excluding VAT in 2021. It meets the needs of all public structures (1 ), regardless of their size and order value. UGAP's offer is based on nearly 3,200 contracts awarded in accordance with public procurement rules. Its customers can access (2) more than one million references from its suppliers. UGAP, through the purchases it makes, is a vector in the field of public ordering. More than 78% of its suppliers are SMEs and ETIs. 86% of its contracts include a CSR provision. UGAP has obtained the "Responsible Supplier Relations and Purchasing" label, awarded by the Médiation des entreprises and the Conseil national des achats.

(1) Its customers are local authorities, State administrations and public establishments, the social sector and public health establishments.
(2) Any public purchaser who turns to UGAP is exempted from its advertising and competition obligations. The customers of the central purchasing office can therefore have immediate access to its entire offer with a simple order form.

Contact Gilles Garcia - Sales Director +33 (0)6 24 47 10 94 gilles.garcia@bcsolutions.fr

For more information: https://bcsolutions.fr/easinvoice/
Our teams are at your disposal: https://bcsolutions.fr/contact/

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