New versions of eDOCS

Discover what's new in OpenText eDOCS 21.4 / 22.1

Aix en Provence, 2 June 2022

Last month, the OpenText publisher released its first version 2022, 22.1!

The latter offers many changes in terms of technology. It now supports Windows 11, SQL Server 2022 and MS Office 2021.

It also integrates all the evolutions of the 21.4 released at the end of 2021:

New cloud integrations to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

  • Possibility to host repositories and documents in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Improved collaboration with Microsoft Teams, MS OneDrive and OpenText Core Share

  • Simplified, centralized deployment of eDOCS InfoCenter clients from the Office 365 Administration Center.
  • Provision of an interface on Teams to access eDOCS documents related to the Teams channel.
  • Real-time collaboration for workgroups in MS Teams from the eDOCS InfoCenter interface.
  • Improved user experience through unified content between eDOCS, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive.
  • Simplified integration with OpenText Core Share, allowing eDOCS documents to be made available to external stakeholders. 

Native integration between eDOCS and Microsoft Teams channels

  • Access to Microsoft Teams content from the eDOCS Infocenter interface.
  • Ability to co-author from a Teams channel on Ms Office documents stored in eDocs.
  • Transfer of content from Microsoft Teams into eDocs for retention and search capabilities.

Improving the interface for digital accessibility

  • Improvements to the web interface eDOCS InfoCenter allowing users with visual or physical disabilities to use it.

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