Business Case

Third Party Application Maintenance


  • International group.
  • One of the leaders in ophthalmic optics.
  • Critical use of the StreamServe / Exstream solution for label and warranty card production on the production line.
  • Need for the European zone to implement a Maintenance in Operational Conditions and a dedicated and reactive support on StreamServe / Exstream composition solutions.


  • Audit of the needs in terms of support and evolution.
  • Establishment of a team dedicated to the client within the Casablanca Service Centre.
  • Increased skills on the existing StreamServe and on the customer's ticket management and tracking tools.
  • Proactive suggestions for improvements to reduce the number of tickets.
  • Weekly steering committee with the operational teams in Europe.

Key information


  • TPAM provided by a team of consultants specialized in the solution.
  • Cost of the TPAM optimized by the use of a Nearshore team (Casablanca).
  • BCSolutions' single point of contact for projects, expertise and TPAM.